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Thank you for entering the giveaway! Come back tomorrow and enter again! Scroll below to find the bonus entries! Jaden


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  1. I do not have a vacuum and would love to win the Dyson.
    It would be a lot easier than sweeping.

  2. My grandkids track in from our doors when ever they visit have one of these It would make thanks easy to clean behind them

  3. My laptop is simply showing a totally black screen so I sure would like to win a new computer!

  4. I could use this on my old carpets!

  5. It would be a dream come true to win the 2021 14in HP Stream Laptop becuase sites with a lot of ads always make my old desk top computer lag and lag. i dont have or use a cell phone becuase i cant see it. theyre too small for my vision imparement so im using an old computer with a heavy tower lol. sounds antique at this point but i need a bigger screen to see. which means im stuck to a desk and wall outlet power supply so its old and lags as it is im stuck using a computer chair that falling apart hard to the right and down. the right arm is 4 inches off the floor and the left arm is at elbows height. so the posture is all painful as much as the lag is frustrating.
    so i know a new-ish laptop made in 2021 by HP qualityStandards wont lag and will be fast not frustrating. lol.soon is my birthday and by my traditions your birthday is luckyest day all year . so i took out my collection of 4 leaf clovers in hopes to win the 2021 HP Stream 14 in laptop and no more lag!

  6. I would love to win this vacuum! The one I am using now, does not pick up the cat and dog hair at all!! I have to vacuum at least 7 times to get up all of the cat and dog hair. I should not have to vacuum that many times to get up all cat and dog hair.

  7. I have a long-haired cat, enough said ❣️ Thx for chance


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