My Favorite Jars (Limited Edition Harvest Green)

One of the most beloved brands in America is Ball Brand. I’ve been a collector of vintage blue glass jars for years (I use it for storing each year’s Memory Jars and this year, Ball is releasing a limited edition in GREEN to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the “PERFECTION” jar by the Ball Brothers. These jars come in vintage-inspired packaging and heritage green color jars with custom embossed front and back and made in the USA.

They are beautiful.

Stunning and will definitely be a collector’s item.


They are such a pretty vintage green – I haven’t used my set of 12 yet, but once my kitchen is done (hey, cabinets going in today!), I’ll use the green jars to store wooden spoons and spatulas, chopsticks and whatever else I can find.

I’m hosting a little giveaway below if you’d like to try your luck! ~Jaden

Where to buy

You can buy your very own Limited Edition Set of 6 below for $10.99 on Amazon (The photo on Amazon shows only 1 jar – but the price is for a case of 6 jars, pint or quart).

They come in both green and blue:




Limited Edition Heritage Green Ball Jar Giveaway

I’m giving away 2 cases of these limited edition Ball jars – one pint sized and one quart sized. Each case includes 6 jars. That’s a total of 12 jars

In addition, we’re giving away:


·         2 Cases of New Limited Edition Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars   These limited edition jars commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Ball brothers’ “Perfection” Jar and come in a beautiful green tint.  These are being produced only in 2014 and are available in both pint and quart varieties.  We would offer a case of each size for review and also for giveaway. 

·         Fresh Herb Keeper  Many new to gardening start with herbs as an easy first step. To savor the seasonings, Ball has developed a new product to keep herbs fresh for up to two weeks. 

·         Dry Herb Jars A perfectly-sized solution for storing your dried herbs. Great for storing seasonings, spices and rubs too! Stackable, low-profile design makes pantry or drawer storage more efficient than old, mis-matched containers. 

·         Frozen Herb Starters Preserve your fresh seasonings in ready to use cubes filled with butter, oil or other liquid for easy and flavorful meal starters. 

·         5 Blade Herb Scissors Stainless steel blades to gently cut and evenly slice herbs like basil, parsley and cilantro.

·         Ball Blue Book  Offering 125 pages that will guide you while you learn about preserving, this book provides information on equipment, instructions for the preserving method and recipes! 



  1. I have noticed your new announcement at the top of your pages that states: “Are giveaways running or loading slowly for you? Some users have reported success with clearing their browser cache and reloading the pages.” Just wanted to let you know that I ALWAYS have this issue with ANY site that uses the Blogher advertising banners at the top/bottom of their pages. As soon as those banners show up, the site slows WAY down. I don’t know why that is, but it has even caused my PC to CRASH in the past. Just thought you may like to know this. It is an ongoing issue with ANY website that uses them in my experience. This is for Google+ and Firefox browsers, regardless of if you clean your cache or reload. Hope this helps! 😀 Thanks tons for all the chances to win stuff! xoxo

    • Thank you Angie – I’ll pass this on to Scott!

  2. You have great offerings!

  3. I just now found your site, love it, and amazing giveaways, thanks for the opportunity.

  4. I love the colored jars. They’re so decorative. Thanks for the opportunity to get some.

  5. Your giveaways are the best. I love the new layout of your website, but your contest pages load so slowly. Do you have suggestions for a fix?

    • Hi Pat! We’re working on it right now! Sorry for the slow load times.

      • The BlogHer top bar seems to slow everything down…

        • The quantity and size of graphics effects load time too!

          • Howard, try clearing your cache on your browser – that will help you (not just on our site)

  6. I’ve been entering your give-aways for quite a while and enjoy learning about new products, but lately it takes forever for the pages to load because of all the advertising.

  7. Hi, thank you for a great site! I am very grateful for the opportunity to enter contests. I do have a question on contest entries. Is it 1 entry per day of total items? Or is it 1 entry per item,per day? My link on my phone brings me to only the mason jars.When I sign up to enter that contest,I then can see all the other items to sign up for. Thank you!! Sincerely Kimberlee

    • It’s one entry per day per giveaway – so you can enter in as many giveaways as you want!

      • Wow what a great site you have. Love your favourite jars.
        Merry Christmas and the best in 2015.

  8. We still use canning jars for many things, esp. storage!

  9. Thank you very much for this opportunity to win these beautiful jars. My Mom brings me homemade jams every year when she visits. It would be nice to make something for her in these jars. She is revisiting me at Christmas and this would be perfect timing. Sincerely,Windsor,Ontario.Canada

  10. Love the new site look – it’s awesome!

  11. Thank you for your effort to preserve a part of American history.

  12. Thank you so much for the awesome chance at your giveaways. I hope to read more up on your blog and catch some great tips! 🙂


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