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If you spend as much time as me in the kitchen, then I’m pretty certain that you’ve felt the urge to hurl a box of plastic wrap across the room for not doing it’s job properly, at least once in your life. Whether it’s because the plastic has stuck together, or the fact that I’m pretty sure they had our hands and fingers in mind when they designed the blade that’s supposed to cut through the plastic… Let’s face it, it’s like those things we’re made just to irk us off! Not to mention the ugly box that you feel the need to hide at the very back of the cupboard, which always results in it never seeing the light of day again. What a waste of money, right?!

Well, my friends, do not fret because gone are the days of boxes of plastic wraps serving no other purpose than gathering dust. All thanks to ChicWrap! These super stylish and sturdy refillable dispensers will surely put an end to all our plastic wrap nightmares! Equipped with non-skid rubber feet and ultra-chic coating that allows you to wipe them clean, you’d never want to hide them! They’re so pretty, you’d actually want to put them on display! Cutting the plastic off wouldn’t ever be a problem with ChicWrap either because it comes with a slide cutter that provide effortless cutting (of the actual plastic, mind you, and not your fingers!)

These plastic wrap dispensers we’re such a great hit that the good people behind them have also come out with foil and parchment paper dispensers! And you can win all three of them by joining our giveaway below!



Wipe-clean surface keeps your ChicWrap dispenser vibrant, colorful and bursting with fun! ChicWrap plastic food wrap dispenser will brighten any kitchen! Each dispenser of ChicWrap comes with one 12″ x 250′ roll of BPA Free professional plastic food wrap. The dispenser measures 2 3/4″ wide x 3 1/8″ high x 13 3/4” long (with cutter attached).

Click here to buy ChicWrap Cook’s Tools Plastic Wrap Dispenser with 12″ x 250′ Roll of Professional Plastic Wrap (or join the giveaway below!)






ChicWrap Foil Dispensers are designed for tough jobs like lining pans, freezing and grilling. Each dispenser includes our new patent pending CleanCut SlideCutter for safe, effortless cutting of any 12″ gauge foil up to 200’, and comes with one 25′ roll of professional grade aluminum foil. The 12” design comes with our new illustrated BBQ design with pops of bold orange against a metallic / black back ground that compliments any kitchen! Like all ChicWrap products, the dispenser features a wipeable surface, reusable construction and four rubber feet to keep it secure on any counter top.

Click here to buy ChicWrap BBQ Aluminum Foil Dispenser with 12″x 25′ Roll of Aluminum Foil (or join the giveaway below!)





ChicWrap Parchment Dispensers are designed specifically for the gourmet and professional home chef. This unique design allows users to quickly dispense and cut parchment paper to fit any proportional needs with our patent pending CleanCut SlideCutter. The reusable dispensers are designed to hold all 15″ parchment rolls up to 150′, and comes with one 20′ roll of professional white parchment paper. Our colorful new Baker’s Tools design makes it fun to pull out and use for any job! Like all ChicWrap products, the dispenser features a wipeable surface, reusable construction and four rubber feet to keep it secure on any counter top.

Click here to buy ChicWrap Parchment Paper Dispenser with 15″x 20′ Roll of Parchment Paper (or join the giveaway below!)

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Giveaway prizes include 3 ChicWrap Plastic Food Wrap Dispenser with 12″ x 250′ roll of professional plastic food wrap , 1 ChicWrap Foil Dispenser with 12″x 25′ Roll of Foiland 1 ChicWrap Parchment Paper Dispenser with 15″x 20′ Roll of Parchment Paper worth a total of $67.75

Sponsored by ChicWrap.


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