Giveaway: The Barman

TheBarmanThe Barman is a wireless cocktail-mixing platform for your smartphone.Just select your drink size, your glass size, and mix! The Barman will tell you what to pour, when to start pouring, and when to stop.

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Device Specifications:
-Bluetooth 4.0
-Battery Operated (4AAA)
-Blue Backlit LCD
-64 Ounce Drink Capacity
-Range of up to 50 feet
-Two high-output CREE glass-illumination LEDs
-Power-saving sleep mode
-Water-resistant tempered glass surface

App Features:
-Hundreds of pre-loaded drink recipes
-Customize any recipe to your liking
-Create your own drink recipe
-Drink Learn (The Barman will learn the recipe of any drink)
-Post your drink to Facebook or Twitter
-Save any drink to your own personal drink library
-Browse and make drinks from your friend’s drink library
-Liquor Cabinet (The Barman will tell you what drinks you can make with what you have on hand)
-And much, much, more…

You must have an iPhone 4S or newer or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 or newer operating system.

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