Cafe de Colombia Coffee Review & Giveaway

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Cafe de Colombia provided the coffee and coffee kit for review and for giveaway. 


Do you know where your coffee comes from?

I’m drink only one cup of coffee (well, it’s a LARGE mug) every morning. It’s my cup of comfort, signaling to my body and mind that it’s the beginning of a great day. My coffee is my indulgence, so I make sure that the coffee beans that I buy will make a good cup.

Cafe de Colombia sent us a gift box with 100% Colombian Coffee and a French Press to change up my morning coffee routine. My usual weapons of choice is an Aeropress, double-walled Tervis Mug and and beans from a local roaster in town. Though, I’ll be honest and have no idea where my local roaster sources their beans!

The 100% Colombian Coffee in the French Press produced a beautiful, balanced cup, with a little more body than what I’m used to (which is typical of a French Press style), but the coffee really shown when made with the Aeropress!

Why 100% Colombian Coffee?

100% Colombian Coffee means you are supporting 500,000 coffee growing families in Colombia. The beans are 100% mountain-grown, hand-picked, Arabica Beans.

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What does 100% Colombian Coffee represent?

We are proud of our roots. Every Colombian coffee bean holds the pride of thousands of Colombian growers for a job well done. It is the product of the steep Andes Mountains volcanic soils, ideal climate, and the careful hands that pick this coffee every day. It is also an honest commitment to quality and respect for discerning coffee lovers, shared by thousands of growers and more than 400 coffee brand partners around the world.

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For almost a century, Colombia has been the origin behind the finest beans in the world, recognized internationally for its consistent quality and aroma. Colombian coffee has shared invaluable moments with many generations and will continue to do so for years to come. This is the reason why thousands of Colombian growers dedicate their whole life to these beans.Screenshot 2015-05-01 11.22.46

When buying coffee, look for this logo to make sure you’re buying genuine, quality beans from Colombia.

To learn more about the taste and quality of authentic Colombian coffee, please visit Bean Bang Theory.

Enter the Cafe de Colombia Coffee Giveaway

Cafe de Colombia is giving away one 100% Colombian Coffee Gift Package, worth $70. It includes 100% Colombian Coffee, a French press, an apron and a coffee mug.


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