$139 G-Fusion Mini Chopper

custom chefs knife 2I’ve been using New West Knifeworks knives for the past 7 years. They’re made in the U.S.A. and are of an exceptional quality.

Why are their chef’s knives considered the very best?

nwk-logoThe blades are hand-forged Damascus steel; pattern-welded in-house combining 1095 tool steel and 15N20 nickel tool steel.  These hand ground blades have a heft and a comfortable handle shape inspired by Western style hunting knives of Jackson Hole and the Rocky Mountain region.

These hybrid Chef and Santoku styled blades have a classic profile and balance.  This year we are featuring Ribbon Twist, Ladder, and Tight Twist Damascus patterns; which are our most complex, work intensive, and densely folded varieties.  The blades are precision salt-bath heat-treated and cryo treated to give them optimal performance.

nwk-2Each knife contains either a nickel silver or brass bolster that is pressure fitted to the blade with two cutlery rivets, an epoxy bond to assure lifetime durability, and a beautiful center mosaic pin.  The handles are hand shaped from Double-Dyed and Stabilized Box Elder Burl, Fiddleback Maple, and Sambar Stag Antler. These blades are inspired by comfortably shaped Western style hunting knives of Jackson Hole and the Rocky Mountain region..

Each knife comes with a custom made welted leather sheath and exemplifies the refined detail that New West KnifeWorks has become known for.

My Custom Chef’s Knife

custom chefs knife-2502

My friends at New West Knifeworks wanted to create my very own custom chef’s knife.

We started off with a series of questions on how I use my chef’s knife, what kind of material I like, and more specifics on the shape, size and feel.

I have small hands, and since I’m in the kitchen so much, I prefer a knife with handles that are smaller in diameter. It makes gripping easier and my hands don’t slip.

As for the weight, lighter knives are great for occasional slicing, but a well-used chef’s knife needs a little heft to it, to help you with the chopping and cutting motion. Otherwise, you’re hands get tired because all of the action and work comes from the small muscles in your hands and fingers. Try rocking a chef’s knife back and forth, in a mincing motion, and you’ll see what I mean.

custom chefs knife-2507

custom chefs knife-2500I like my blades very thin, so that I can slice super-thin slices for stir fries. But the problem with very thin blades is that they’ll break, chip and dull easily. New West Knifeworks gave me a razor-thin edge AND the most durable material by using steel from Crucible Steel, made in America. Crucible’s S35VN is a special steel originally developed for the aerospace industry. It is what is known as a powder metal steel.

The result: “It means the best of all possible worlds in one knife. The sharpness of a Japanese samurai sword, the toughness of a German blade. Stain resistance, edge holding, and ease of sharpening. Finally, the COMBINATION of these characteristics allows us to do new things with the BLADE GEOMETRY.” -New West Knifeworks

For knife geeks, here’s an article you can download that explains all the difficulties of finding the perfect steel for knives – and how New West Knifeworks solved the riddle of steel. Download the article here.


custom chefs knife-2501
Stats on my Custom Chef’s Knife

  • Handle: Dyed Box Elder Burl
  • Damascus Pattern: Firework
  • Bolster: Nickel Silver
  • Pins: Mosaic Pinwork
  • Blade Style: A hybrid Japanese influenced 8’’ Chef Knife.


Giveaway #1:  Win a $899 Custom Chef’s Knife by New West Knifeworks

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Giveaway #2: Win a $139 G-Fusion Mini Chopper

new west knifeworks mini chopper


I love this little Mini Chopper! It’s perfect for garlic, cheese and any small foods. The handle is vibrant and gorgeous. Win your choice of G-Fusion Mini Chopper. To enter this giveaway, just enter your info in the little blue box below!




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