STACT Wine Review & Giveaway

stact wine review

STACT Wine Review

I’ve never liked any of the wine crates or racks that I’ve seen – many take up floor space (which I don’t have much of) and wall-mounted ones are just plain ugly! STACT Wine, a Kickstarter darling, has you thinking about wine as art on your walls.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $100,000, you can now get your own STACT modular wine rack system installed.

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We’re installing 2 STACT units in our new home (I’ll share photos after installation) and I’m buying several as gifts ($129.99) for my friends (lucky them!) That’s how much I love STACT.

There’s several different finishes, mix and match – they all look great together.

stact wine review-

We’re using 3 Walnut, side by side. Underneath the STACT, we’ll install a shelf, and under the shelf will hold chrome wine glass rack ($12.98 each)

stact walnut

Each STACT holds 9 bottles, and you can install a wall of wine (I’d love to have this much wine in my house….dangerous to my budget and productivity, but wow, what a wall!)

stact wine review-2-2

Or just a few.

stact wine review-3

I suggest installing these above the level of tail wagging (my brother’s Great Pyranese dog’s tail would reach my shoulder!) and above small children riding on a rollerblade level.

My only concern is an empty STACT. The metal rack isn’t sharp, but it would hurt if you bumped into it. So, my advice: never run out of wine!!!

We’re installing ours in a recessed nook, so that there’s little chance of bumping into or knocking off wine bottles.

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