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2016 is predicted to be the year of virtual reality, hover boards that don’t explode and technology embedded clothing. We were curious about VR goggles, but didn’t want to shell out the big bucks ($350) for the Oculus Rift. This month, right before Christmas, we had a chance to try out the VR Shinecon virtual reality goggles.

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The goggles open up to hold your smart phone. So, instead of buying an entire unit that has the screen and technology, VR Shinecon is really just a headset with adjustable lenses that allow you to configure distance,

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Because I knew nothing at all about how VR and 3D devices worked, It took us a good 2 hours of research online to figure out how to use the VR Shinecon headset. After opening the box, we found instructions in Chinese and really bad English (Chinglish!) I couldn’t understand the instructions at all. The user guide is practically useless, unless you read Chinese.

The QR code on the booklet directs you to a webpage that offers you software to download. Unfortunately, URL of the webpage is not anything related to VR Shinecon AND the software is not in the Apple App Store. Too scared to download strange software onto my phone.

After a couple of hours on Youtube and watching some of the review videos, I finally figured out that I didn’t need a specific app for the VR Shinecon headset. I could use most 3D apps from the App Store. We spent some time trying to figure out where the “select” button is on the headset – there is none, but many 3D movies/games don’t require a select button.

My kids were so excited to try out the VR Shinecon, they downloaded a 3D roller coaster and a few videos to try out. The goggles kept them occupied for about an hour.

vr shinecon review 5I like having the adjustments on the headset – there are adjustable straps to fit your head, but also 3 different lens adjustments that you can play with to fit your eyesight. After 20 minutes of being in a 3D world, I got motion sick and had to just stop. Not sure I could watch an entire movie with them on.

The quality of VR Shinecon is pretty good, considering this is less than $36 with free shipping on Amazon.

If you are curious about 3D, this is a good way to start. It’s a solidly built headset, but lacks a button which prevents you from playing many games. Even the $10 Google Cardboard comes with a button. You can always connect a bluetooth remote to your phone, but that brings up the price of the experience.

VR Shinecon Giveaway

VR Shinecon provided us with a unit for an honest review and one for a giveaway.




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