Best Silicone Oven Mitts

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The Best Silicone Oven Mitts

We’ve tested 8 pairs of oven mitts to find the very best silicone oven mitts for your money. I’ve always been partial to fabric and silicone oven gloves like the Pitt Mitt, because of the flexibility and dexterity of being able to use five fingers instead of feeling like I’m Barney the annoying dinosaur, I was really impressed with The Triumphant Chef’s silicone oven mitts that are fabric lined.

Plus, my Pitt Mitts are looking a little tough luck. After being thrown in the wash too many times, the fabric has faded and the silicone nubs are wearing off.

Here’e why I think The Triumphant Chef makes the best silicone oven mitts:

They are very flexible

best silicone oven mitts 7One of the problems I had with other brands’ silicone oven mitts was the thickness and stiffness. It was hard getting a good grip on baking sheets, unless I had one hand on the bottom, supporting the sheet.

Flexible silicone is a must, it gives you more control over grabbing and gripping, especially with smaller pans, pans with handles and thin baking sheets.

They’re even flexible enough to handle food directly. After roasting a chicken, I really dislike using tongs and spatulas to try to lift the hot chicken out of the pan (I usually end up ripping the skin.) The Triumphant Chef’s oven mitts let you lift food out directly from the pan. To wash the silicone, just use soapy water.

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Fabric Lined Silicone Oven Mitts

best silicone oven mitts 3Silicone next to skin is uncomfortable. The plastic always creases in the wrong spot and pinches your skin. That’s why I’ve always used fabric.

Triumphant Chef’s silicone oven mitts are fabric lined with a cotton/polyester blend. It’s comfortable next to my skin and doesn’t pinch me. If the fabric gets soiled, wash the mitts by throwing them in the wash.

I do wish the fabric wasn’t white. White is hard to keep clean, and spills and stains show up immediately.




They’re currently less than $14.00 plus free Prime shipping on Amazon! The red ones are cheaper than the other colors, for some reason.

By the way, we’ve also tried these silicone oven gloves – while they were just as flexible, the silicone on my skin made it actually really difficult to use. Plus, the fingers were just way too big and in the end, it was more difficult to use than oven mitts.

Best Silicone Oven Mitts Giveaway

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We’re giving away Triumphant Chef’s entire line of products – a set of three silicone trivets, oven mitts and pastry brush.







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