Wine Gun Review & Giveaway


Wine Gun Review

This seriously is the most fun I’ve ever had opening a bottle of wine! The Wine Gun is an electric wine opener, 1 charge can open 30 bottles (the holster doubles as a charging station that you can just keep plugged in if you want.)


The Wine Gun is very lightweight, even though it looks like it would be bulky and heavy. Initially, I was worried that because it was so lightweight, that it wouldn’t be able to pull out the cork easily. But it actually has a pretty strong motor – corks come out very easily, with less force than any high-priced manual gadgets.

Push the trigger forward, and the cork releases.

Wine Gun PROS:

  • Fun, great conversation piece. Great gift idea, very unique.
  • Great design and detail, not just some cheesy cheap plastic object
  • Powerful
  • Rechargeable battery! I just keep the holster plugged in
  • Holster also carries a foil cutter, which is included in the box
  • I think it’s a great price at $39

Wine Gun CONS:

  • It’s a little awkward to hold the Wine Gun while opening bottle. Taller people will have an easier time, just because of the angle that you need to hold the device. I’m short, so it’s a little awkward, but still do-able.
  • I would love a less “bubble gum” pink color. But the silver unit is perfect.


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Wine Gun Giveaway

WineOvation provided sample and giveaway.


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