Luxsticks Chopsticks Review & Giveaway

LuxSticks Chopsticks Review

Two words I’ve never used together: luxury + chopsticks. New company, LuxSticks, is certainly is aiming to change that, with the launch of six designer chopsticks that are modern, fun and even functional.

Every year, I treat myself to a new set of chopsticks. That’s because what’s on the market today is either:

  • Ugly and stains easily
  • Wooden, porous and breakable
  • Metal, slippery and cold

Our old set is made of bamboo – some of the sticks have splintered, one tip broke from getting stuck in a drawer, and all of them are different shades. It looks so out of place next to the LuxSticks!

LuxSticks chopsticks are high quality utensils that look good on your table and make using chopsticks easier.

I appreciate the grippy tips, which makes grabbing small pieces of food, especially slippery stir fry bits, so much easier.

LuxSticks offers six different designs:

For sale at LuxSticks for $40 for set of 2 pairs – it makes a wonderful gift! If you have beautiful silverware or cutlery you appreciate, LuxSticks is a great complement to your kitchen and dining experience.

LuxSticks Chopsticks Giveaway

Giving away 3 sets of Luxsticks (6 total pairs).


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