PhoneSoap Review & Giveaway

Did you know your cell phone has 18x more bacterial than a public restroom toilet??? We’re reviewing PhoneSoap, a Shark Tank product that sanitizes your phones, tablets, keys and even baby toys. Read the PROs and CONs of this product.

PhoneSoap Review

When we were first pitched this product idea, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. Would I really take the time to sanitize and clean my cell phone? I can barely remember to charge it every night!

But when I saw the product video that aired on Discovery Channel, I was a little ickked out.

At the grocery store, I dutifully wipe the handle of the cart each and every time with anti-bacterial wipes. I am constantly washing my hands, the the point of dryness, and my kids are always reminded to wash hands before eating, before touching their noses and after restroom use.

Is my phone nastier than a supermarket cart handle? Of course!

Raise your hands if you use your phone in the restroom!?? That’s the same bacteria-riddled phone you put on your face to answer calls. Nasty. I even heard of people breaking out with acne on their cheeks because of dirty phones.

The PhoneSoap sanitizes your phone with UV Light, killing 99.99% of Germs, with no water, no chemicals and no heat.

PhoneSoap 2 Sizes

The PhoneSoap has 2 different sizes, the smaller can hold a standard cell phone (even the iPhone Plus models), and the larger version is for tablets, baby toys, keys, etc.


Both sizes offer a cutout for your charging plug, so that you can charge and sanitize at the same time. It’s easy just to charge your device in the evening inside the PhoneSoap.

For parents, the PhoneSoap XL is convenient for small toys, pacifiers, sippy cups…anything your baby puts to their mouth.

For anyone in the healthcare industry, I think this product would be so useful. The PhoneSoap cleans without any water or chemicals/alcohol that would damage your electronics.

PROs and CONs


  • The smaller PhoneSoap comes in pretty iPhone colors – gold, silver, rose gold, white, black. It’s a good size, small enough to put on bedside table.
  • Smaller PhoneSoap price is fair – $50 for a product that is NOT phone model specific….it can hold various sizes of phones and it doesn’t matter if your phone is iOS or android. PhoneSoap XL is $119.
  • The PhoneSoap XL is multi-purpose, you can fit quite a bit of things inside the sanitizing chamber.
  • Silent operation. Easy open/close no difficult latches or any small buttons
  • Built-in USB – charge and sanitize at the same time
  • PhoneSoap sanitizes in 5 minutes, PhoneSoap XL sanitizes in 15 minutes
  • Auto on/off – when you open PhoneSoap, the product automatically turns off


  • The PhoneSoap XL is an awkward shape with strange angles. I would have just loved a rectangular box so that I can fit more stuff inside. The top of unit is sloped, so you can’t put stuff on top of the unit.
  • The entire gadget is solid – I wish there was a clear plastic cutout on top so that when my phone is sanitizing, I can see who’s calling or texting. But then, I suppose, the UV light wouldn’t sanitize well.
  • Once you open the PhoneSoap, the unit powers off, so if you are quickly opening the unit to check on who is calling, then close door again, the timer for 15 minutes starts all over again. Do you know how hard it is to keep my phone in there for a full 15 solid minutes?! Hah! I have to just use the PhoneSoap at night, when I’m sleeping, and nobody important should be texting or calling me!

In conclusion, I think the PhoneSoap is a product I’d recommend, especially for germaphobes like me. For the price, I’d invest in the XL size so that I can sanitize other products. On my wishlist for the next version of XL would be more than one USB charging port, so that you can sanitize and charge more than one device at a time.

PhoneSoap Video

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PhoneSoap Giveaway

Giving away one PhoneSoap (you can choose which size).


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