Kuhn Rikon BBQ Tools Set Review & Giveaway

This is a review of the Kuhn Rikon BBQ Tools Set, featuring both PROs and CONs of the product.

Kuhn Rikon BBQ Tools Set Review

The Kuhn Rikon BBQ Tools Set is a 5-piece set (plus aluminum case). The tools are stainless steel, made of non-reactive material (so that tomato based BBQ sauces do not react with tools). The set retails for $98 (at time of publishing) on Amazon.com.

The Tools

  1. Silicon basting brush
  2. Locking tongs
  3. BBQ grill cleaning brush
  4. Turning fork
  5. Spatula

PRO: The case is lined with thick canvas cloth, so that the tools don’t scratch the case. The tools are secured by elastic and velcro strips for storage inside the case.

PRO: The grill cleaning brush bristles are stiff, good quality. The tool is heavy, which is a good thing, it makes it easier to scrub the stubborn bits off the grill.

PRO: The tongs close evenly – I’ve had very expensive tong that closed uneven, making it hard to grasp oil-slicked vegetables on the grill. The tongs also lock/unlock easily (big ring at the end), so even if your hands are a little BBQ-saucey, you can use a clean finger to operate.

CON: I wish the tools were designed so that the entire head of the tool sits up and off the table.

At the grill, my tiny little table isn’t always the cleanest surface for cooking tools (that have just touched food) to sit on. The scrubbing brush head would be better if it didn’t touch the table at all.

PRO: The case is well made, and definitely helpful. Normally, our BBQ grill tools are just thrown into a deep drawer, which damages them — and I’ve been poked with a turning fork a couple of times (ouch). Surprisingly, my husband has been great at keeping the tools inside the case. I think he got scratched by a old bristle brush hanging out in that same drawer before. Another big pro: no wood on handles. Wood is horrible for hiding bacteria, and also warps in dishwasher. Kuhn Rikon’s BBQ set is simply stainless steel. It will last longer, be durable even in dishwasher and won’t mold.

Loving this set, it’s a splurge at nearly $100, but the quality of Kuhn Rikon kitchen products is unparalleled. About 5 years ago, we had to call their customer service line for a mandoline blade that needed sharpening. They immediately sent us brand new product, no questions asked.

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Kuhn Rikon BBQ Tool Set Giveaway


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