Kalorik Sous Vide Review & Giveaway

This is a Kalorik Sous Vide review, including both PROs and CONs. We tested this immersion cooker 6 times, using it to make perfect steak (even better than restaurants!), juicy chicken breasts, and pork chops (still experimenting).

Kalorik Sous Vide Review

We’re experts in sous vide cooking – we use an immersion cooker at least twice a week for our family meals. We’ve also reviewed nearly every sous vide machine worth buying. Read our other reviews:

This is the Kalorik Sous Vide. It’s portable, fits in your drawer.

I love this feature – it’s so easy to clip onto the side of your pot. No screwing, no balancing. It just clips with a finger release.

Another great feature – it’s so easy to use. There’s a wheely dial on the side that lets you adjust the temperature (you can toggle between celsius and fahrenheit). No confusing buttons, no confusing app. It’s intuitive.

The motor is quiet. It works immediately.

The MOST important feature of a sous vide machine is accuracy. If the sous vide is not accurate, even by a few degrees, the machine is useless. The Kalorik Sous Vide is accurate.

While using the machine, I noticed the Lock/Unlock icon.

Which brings me to my next favorite feature – you can remove the sleeve to clean the heating element! Why is this important? Because after prolonged use, water residue (calcium. other minerals) can build up on the unit. Also, if your bag happens to break or leak (it’s happened a couple of times), you want to be able to clean every single part of the sous vide machine.

The Kalorik Sous Vide Immersion Circulator works really well. No complaints on operation.

Kalorik sells the unit for $199 on their website, but you can find it cheaper at Walmart for half the price at $99. If you’re new to sous vide, or just want to experiment, this is a easy machine to get started with, especially at that price!

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Kalorik Sous Vide Giveaway



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