Collectible Porcelain: Calamityware Review & Giveaway

This is a Calamityware review of their mugs and plates. -Jaden

These dishes serve to remind you that despite all the craziness in the news….life could be so much worse. Calamityware is a line of porcelain plates, mugs and saucers that feature zombie poodles, destructive robots, preying pterodactyls, a spiky fish-snake creature with giant teeth, and other nightmare-inducing, spine-chilling scares.

Calamityware review - zombie poodles

Calamityware Plate 11: Zombie Poodles. Multiple poodles are always trouble, but multiple zombie poodles are far worse. Down boy!

Pittsburgh-based artist, Don Moyer, began a Kickstarter project in 2014. Since then, he’s raised over $1.3 million for his collection of porcelainware!

calamityware review

Traditional-looking blue-willow dinner plate infested with a plague of frogs. Imagine these bad boys behind your French toast! The closer you look, the more frogs you’ll see.

Each of these Calamityware pieces are a collector’s item, as each product has a limited run. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

In 2011, I added a pterodactyl while drawing my Grandma’s Blue-Willow plate. That’s what got all the Calamityware projects started. Produced using the in-glaze decoration process. That means the image is slightly melted into the surface like the fine porcelain you see in museums. This is the 10th plate in the Calamityware collection.

These blue willow porcelain plates are produced in a Kristoff factory in Poland. Kristoff is one of Europe’s largest porcelain producers and is well known for perfect mix of old-world craftsmanship and modern technology.

Everything is food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Calamityware review

Nothing adds thrills to dinner like finding a giant, streaking Sasquatch underneath your macaroni and cheese.

Can you imagine serving spaghetti and meatballs on these plates…and halfway though eating, your guests discover the crazy monsters lurking beneath!?

My favorite product are the mugs, which I use every morning for my green tea. Nothing like sipping calming green tea while eyeing a Sasquatch!

Each of these mugs feature a smorgasbord of creatures:

• hairy fiend
• giant frog
• pirates
• cephalopod
• unpleasant blob creature
• voracious sea monster
• UFOs
• agressive pterodactyls
• rambunctious robots
• zombie poodle

You can buy Calamityware here. Oh, they also have shower curtains!!!!

Calamityware Giveaway

Calamityware is giving away a collectors set of 4 dinner plates and 4 mugs…everything you see here in this review!



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