Jese Air Fryer Review & Giveaway

This is a review of the Jese Air Fryer, including both PROs and CONs.

Jese Air Fryer Review

The past week, we’ve been air frying as many meals as possible. Seafood, potato, breakfast sandwiches, steaks. We’ve discovered that some food works great (potatoes, seafood, chicken) and some are just better on the stove (steak).

With so many air fryers on the market, the prices have dropped significantly over the past year. I remember paying $300 for my Philips Air Fryer several years ago. Now, companies like Jese are selling them for $76.00.

This is a smaller unit, holding 3.5 quarts of food, good for 1-3 people. According to Jese, it can cook, “14 chicken wings, 1 pizza, 3 steaks, 2.2 lbs chips, a dozen of cookies, 8 cupcakes, 8 tarts, 6 corn, 20 shrimp.”

*Personally there’s no way it can cook a whole pizza. Unless you are talking about itty bitty personal frozen pizza about 6″ – 7″ diameter.

To control the temperature, there is a large, easy to use (and read) dial. I love this. We’ve tried so many air fryers which digital controls and confusing interface. This is simple and easy.

On the front of the unit, the timer is also simple and easy to use/read.

Another great feature: at the bottom, the power cord wraps neatly.

The lower unit and basket removes without a hitch. The basket release if you flip open the cover and push the button. The little cover seems like a hassle, but it’s a good feature…on other air fryers without the little flippy cover, it’s too easy to accidentally push the button. Guess what happens when you have a very hot basket, hot food and hot base???? The very hot base drops and falls if you accidentally push the button.

Let’s cook some salmon, just simply seasoned and sprayed with a bit of cooking oil.

We cooked at 355F for the recommend 15 minutes. It needed another 2 minutes or so of cooking. A drawback of a manual dial for timer – it’s very difficult to add just minute or two on the dial.

Fish came out perfect. So flaky, tender and not greasy at all. Because of the air frying, all the juices were retained in the fish. We cooked this salmon with just a spritz of oil.

PROs: Simple to use, large controls that are easy to read and operate. Works great. Nice price.

CONs: I would like a larger unit to hold more food for a family of 4. Also, I would like a rack to be included so that you can cook two layers of food. Difficult to adjust small increments of time.

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