Giveaway: The One Wine Glasses (White)

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We’re giving away a 4-pack of The One™ for White Wine Stems.

Andrea Immer Robinson, Master Sommelier (one of only 14 female sommeliers), television host and author of many best selling wine books has created the perfect wine glass.

Instead of a different wine glass for each variety of wine, Andrea has designed one perfect wine glass shape for white wine and one for red wine. She calls these glasses, “The One.” I’ve personally have used these wine glasses in my home, I love the simplicity of the concept! ~Jaden


Crystal clarity, the right shape, and a thin rim are critical to making the most of every wine you buy. But like wine itself, the stemware doesn’t need to be complicated to be good. The truth is, you don’t need a different stem to get the most out of each type of grape. Blind tasting after blind tasting has proven this to me and to many other wine professionals including some of the best palates in the business. You don’t have to add a wing to your house to store countless confusing glass shapes, and you don’t have to spend more on your glasses than you do on your wine.

To put it simply, The One white stem is the only glass you will ever need to optimize the scent and taste of all white wines, and the The One red stem is the only glass you will ever need to optimize the scent and taste of all red wines. It really is that simple.

Wine can be complicated. Wine glasses don’t have to be.


Value is $49.95 for a set of four stems. Buy and learn more about The One™ Wine Glass from Andrea Immer Robinson’s website.

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