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Today we are giving away a $100 Gift Certificate. 

From ChefShop:

From around the block to around the world, ChefShop is bringing the local village to the global village.

We have been supporting the small family owned, artisan producers who carry-on traditions while creating new ones since 1997. It is these peoplewho keep us close to the ground, and close to our roots of where food comes from. It is the creating of these original foods that are fighting off the continued growth of the commercialization and mechanization of food production.

At ChefShop, we live by the purity and freshness of our ingredients. We explore the countryside to find the perfect Rainier cherry, harvest at its peak of sweet, juicy lusciousness. Or the most delectable chutney, balancing exotic spices with tart, pungent, and the fruity flavors. And we know that delicious, quality food nourishes our bodies and our minds in equal measure.

But the quality of our food doesn’t tell the whole story. Because we also care deeply about the farmer and the artisan who share freshly harvested emmer and individually dipped chocolates with us. We care about supporting family farms and preserving food traditions. And we care about sustaining small purveyors by bringing their handcrafted products to market.

When you buy from, you are getting the purest foods made by family producers whom we’ve individually selected for the quality of their ingredients and their adherence to tradition.

eat simply live well

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