Giveaway: Velata Chocolate Fondue Warmer with 3 Bags of Chocolate

Host your own chocolate fondue party! Velata is hosting this giveaway, they are owned by a wonderful company called Scentsy, that sells scented wax and warmers for your home. I discovered them a few months ago when my girlfriend hosted a Scentsy party. I bought one of each fragrance and am in love with the way each individual fragrance elevates a specific mood in the house. 

Anyways, I haven’t yet tried Velata yet, but they are essentially fondue pots and chocolate sets. How fun, especially for the family!! ~jaden


Velata Pedestal Collection

Pedestal Collection Warmers can make any gathering special — no flames and a stress-free setup make them portable party accessories. Just plug it in, pour in your chocolate, and play!


A simple, 25-watt light bulb provides all the heat necessary to keep your chocolate in totally tempting, tip-top shape. Classic designs capped with pops of whimsical color complement any kitchen.


The silicone dish can be heated in your microwave and later tossed in the dishwasher. The patent-pending design keeps chocolate at the perfect temperature — not too hot, but warm enough to stay melted.


Store it! Our lid allows you to keep your leftover chocolate at room temperature or in the fridge.


The dimmer switch on every Velata Fondue Warmer lets you control the temperature so you have perfect fondue every time.


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