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Los Angeles-based Funley’s Delicious® was created in 2008 out of a passion for food and fun. After working in the entertainment industry for years, entrepreneurs Shawn and Ashley Mendel took their family-favorite recipe Stix in the Mud® and launched Funley’s. The Funley’s gang, Moe, Millie and their mischievous dog Lucy, cook up all-natural, wholesome products “entertaining mouths and minds everywhere™.” The company’s snacks and fun, fresh quirky personality led to the famous Stix in the Mud line selling out on QVC in less than four minutes. The Funley’s are continuing their mission to bring more great-tasting innovation to healthy snacking by adding Super Crackers® and Wholly Granolly® Clusters to their line-up, as part of their Fit & Funley’s® Healthy Family Movement.

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About Stix in the Mud, Super Crackers and Wholly Granolly Clusters

When it comes to Funley’s Stix in the Mud, eat one don’t be one. Stix in the Mud all natural clusters of crunchy and savory whole grain flour cookie bits in milk chocolate or a milk chocolate and dark chocolate blend. These individually wrapped morsels come in three flavors: Caramel, Original and Peanut Butter.

Funley’s Super Crackers really pack the punch with superfood veggies hidden inside each cracker. The individual calorie snack packs make it easy to snack on the go and with all the natural ingredients they are a fantastic source of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron. Super Crackers come in four flavors each with their own superfood: Cheddar n’Stuff (broccoli), Pizza n’Stuff (carrots), Ranch n’Stuff (spinach) and Cornbread n’Stuff (sweet potatoes).

Wholly Granolly, these are delicious! This unique, healthy, poppable and crunchy snack is a good source of Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron and they are loved by the whole family. Funley’s Wholly Granolly Clusters are all natural, crunchy whole grain granola clusters and they come in three flavors: Wild Apple Berry, Peanut Butter Pretzel and Double Chocolate Chip. SuperCrackers Composite

Included in this giveaway

  • (3) Stix in the Mud
  • (4) Super Crackers
  • (3) Wholly Granolly Clusters

(Approximate combined value $42.50, available online at

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