Giveaway: Formula 409® Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off Gift Basket

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About the Formula 409® Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off

When it comes to preparing for the ultimate chili cook-off party, Formula 409® has you covered. Formula 409® and lifestyle experts have created a Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off,” party guide that has all the tips you need to host a chili throwdown party complete with chili and side dish recipes, decorating, entertaining and clean-up tips.

But, chili can get messy – from the grease splatters when browning meat to tomato sauce splotches from simmering chili.  Luckily, Formula 409® makes it easy to clean-up kitchen messes, so there is no need to fear the end-of-night clean-up from your party. To help you throw your own cook-off, Formula 409® is giving away a Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off gift basket with kitchen goodies, decorations and the Formula 409® product you need to get the grease off at the end of the night.

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Included in this Giveaway

  • Formula 409® Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Ceramic chili pepper spoon rest
  • Chili pepper-printed napkins
  • Hot/oven mitt
  • Acorn shaped hot pad
  • Decorative “welcome” sign
  • Measuring spoons
  • Ladle
  • Set of tea towels
  • Chili powder

(approximate value $40)

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  1. If I blog does that make me a Bloggettte?

  2. 409 great cleaner.

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