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About Uncle Matt’s Organic

Uncle Matt’s Organic is the nation’s original organic juice company with a passion for healthy living, a family history of growing citrus in Florida and a steadfast commitment to quality fruit and juice.

Matt McLean, founder and CEO of Uncle Matt’s Organic, started the company with a goal to produce the highest quality juice and fruit by using only premium 100% organically-grown fruit, free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. That mission continues today.

Uncle Matt’s Organic is America’s premier brand of organic orange juice, offering a fresh-squeezed taste and gourmet quality without the additives, artificial flavors or preservatives that are so often found in other products. In addition to orange juice, Uncle Matt’s Organic juices include apple, grapefruit and lemonade.

Uncle Matt’s Organic also grows premium quality fresh organic citrus produce, which includes grapefruit, navels, tangelos, sunburst tangerines and more. The company’s citrus is grown without synthetic fertilizers or herbicides. All Uncle Matt’s Organic juices are certified organic, grown in the USA and we do not include any added flavor packets or peel oil.

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It starts from the ground up. Uncle Matt’s Organic believes that less toxins in the environment and less toxic residues are ultimately what is best for everybody, especially the food we consume. Their philosophy is based on the idea that building healthy soils will yield a healthier tree so it can naturally defend itself against disease.

Uncle Matt’s Organic has been a pioneering force and agricultural activist in the development of the organic citrus industry for this country. The company is committed to supporting family farmers and to helping farms convert to organic and embarking on long-term, sustainable strategies to eradicate greening disease.

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Included in this Giveaway

  • One (1) Ultimate Organic Crate (including organic grapefruit, seasonal oranges, tangelos and/or navels, Uncle Matt’s Organic adds them to an Old Florida-style wooden crate along with a 2.82 oz. decadent organic chocolate bar, organic shortbread cookies and delicious organic jams)
  • Four (4) “Get One Free” coupons for 59oz juices
  • One (1) medium size t-shirt
  • Five (5) straws: 2 orange, 2 apple, 1 lemon
  • Two (2) reusable thermal grocery bags

(approximate value $140.00)

How to enter this giveaway

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