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About BlueChai

BlueChai is an online tea shop focusing entirely on teas and tisanes which are unique and curiously special. The flagship tisane is BlueChai’s blue flower tea made from 100% organic dried butterfly pea flowers, harvested daily in Northern Thailand during bloom in the early morning hours and then sun-dried, no chemicals are used in the process. BlueChai is also a purveyor of special tea blends created from organic lemongrass, bael fruit and pandan.

BlueChai Tea with lemon juice

About BlueChai’s organic herbal blue tea

BlueChai Tea - Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers

Discover BlueChai’s amazingly deep blue color and experience the smooth, floral flavor of our organic butterfly pea flowers. The luscious aroma will remind you a little of green tea, yet BlueChai is a herbal tisane that is refreshing, cleansing, without any caffeine and unique in color and taste. It’s wonderful hot or iced. Adding a few drops of lemon/lime juice to the tea, will change the color from blue to purple within seconds. This not only creates beautiful effects for teas and cocktails, but also changes the flavor of the tea. Add some honey to the drink and impress your friends and family with a complex and evolving tea or iced tea.

BlueChai Hot Tea - Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers

Included in this giveaway

BlueChai Tea Sachet

  • (1) BlueChai Organic Herbal Blue Tea Sachet incl worldwide airmail shipping

(approximate tea value $15)

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