Giveaway: GelPro Elite Cardinal Mat


I have chronic back pain – slight scoliosis and lots of rear-end accidents <- wow, that sounded odd, but you know what I mean! Since I’m on my feet so much in the kitchen, good shoes and a GelPro floor mat is not just nice-to-have, but essential. The Elite line is 50% THICKER than what you’d find anywhere else.

I use one at the sink and one at the stove. If I could, I’d pave my entire house with this GelPro material!

What I love about GelPro Elite is the range of colors and fabric textures – the Linen Weave is gorgeous.





GelPro Elite Giveaway

GelPro Elite, the World’s Most Comfortable Floor Mat, is 50% thicker than GelPro Classic. Each GelPro Elite Mat is made with a Dual Comfort Core System consisting of a layer of GelPro’s proprietary gel over a layer of custom-engineered energy-return foam. The result is a mat that properly conforms to the shape of your feet, offers maximum support and stability, and has a springy cushion that never bottoms out. The top surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean, and the high-traction bottom surface has anti-microbial properties for added protection. Crafted in the USA, the contoured design of the GelPro Elite Mat includes a contemporary new look, beveled edges to help prevent tripping, and reinforced, no-curl edges.

Your feet will thank your for this mat.

Ideal for casual living spaces, GelPro’s Linen pattern resembles the fabric known for its classic woven texture. Linen in Cardinal is a rich, deep red color reminiscent of a cabernet wine.

What is included in this giveaway:

  • One GelPro Elite Cardinal Mat.

How to enter this giveaway:

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For more information regarding GelPro Mats and why they are better then the rest, please check out their website.