Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Review and Giveaway


Mr. Coffee provided the giveaway unit

It was quite a big change in my morning routine – to go from the cheap Aeropress that fits in my back pocket to a full fledged coffee drinks machine! With my Aeropress, I was limited in the types of drinks to create – that’s not a knock on the Aeropress, but it is because of my own laziness and preference. I don’t like adding cold milk to my coffee – and too lazy to warm the milk up.

cafe-barista-review-2We tested the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista for 1 week.  I enjoyed a different drink every single morning! The milk is poured into a container, that stores in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to make a drink, the container pops right into the coffee maker.  Brewing the drink is a lazy-woman’s dream. Just pack with coffee grinds and put a button.

Café Barista brews espresso with 15-bar pumps and has a refillable water reservoir in the back.

You can choose between a single shot or double, espresso, latte or cappuccino. The automatic milk frother will give you beautiful, light foam. While the machine can accommodate a smaller espresso cup as well as normal sized coffee mugs, I wish I could use a little taller mug – the ones at our house are a little taller than normal.

The Cafe Barista is a snap to maintain and clean. I refill the water reservoir every other day. The milk goes between the machine and refrigerator with ease. There’s a clean button on the machine to clean the frother nozzle.

We used both prepared ground espresso (Illy) and beans that I ground every morning. I like that I don’t have to buy expensive and wasteful pods.

Honestly, I was quite surprised at how well the Cafe Barista works – I’ve always thought the Mr. Coffee products were on the low-end coffee machines. I love that it’s an all-in-one unit. The design makes it really convenient to make customized drinks. I hope this is a sign that Mr. Coffee will continue to introduce higher-end machines! ~Jaden

About Cafe Barista

About Cafe Barista

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Giveaway