BELLA Rocket Extract Pro Plus Blender Review & Giveaway

bella 14285 rocket extract pro plus blender review


BELLA provided the blenders for review and giveaway.


BELLA Rocket Extract Pro Plus Blender Review

We’re visiting my parents in Las Vegas, staying with them a few weeks. Mom cooks every day, possibly even more that I cook! Her style of cooking is similar to mine – homestyle, everyday, Asian recipes. She took this BELLA Rocket Extract Pro Plus Blender ($48.99) for a test run last week. Mom loves to make sauces, spices and seasonings from scratch, so the different sizes of jars and 2 different blending blades was ideal for her.

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She used the grinding blade and the smallest jar for grinding nuts to use in homemade banana bread. It’s the perfect size for small jobs. Next week, we’ll grind our own peppercorns for freshly ground black pepper.

Sidenote – I was on a phone call with the famous Bobby Flay yesterday morning, and he said that the biggest single tip he can give any home cook would be to season properly with salt and pepper. Bobby grinds his own pepper once a week! *But please don’t think that Bobby and I are like ol’ pals on the phone – he coordinated a phone call with a few of us food writers to talk about his brand new book, Brunch at Bobby’s!

My Dad loves yogurt, so we used the BELLA Rocket Extract Pro Plus Blender to make him fresh strawberry, honey and yogurt smoothie. Three large ice cubes were added to make the smoothie.





The true test of a blender is how well it crushes ice. Success! The smoothie was smooth, no ice chunks.

There are 10 different programmed settings (we used the “Smoothie” setting and “Chop” for the nuts). What I like about this blender is that it’s so lightweight and small. This $49 blender is a great appliance for a starter kitchen, or someone like my Mom, who doesn’t care to lug out her big, heavy blender for every job. The base is lightweight (the rubber feet prevent it from sliding on the counter), easy to carry and store. The different size jars are perfect for single-serving smoothies or small jobs like making a quick pesto. We haven’t had a chance to try the big 32-ounce pitcher yet, but we’ll do so this weekend. We’ll be using this blender in my Mom’s kitchen – it’s powerful, too, with 700 watts!


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Buy the BELLA Rocket Pro Plus Blender for $48.99 on Amazon.

Bella Rocket Extract Pro Plus Blender Giveaway



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