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virginia boys cutting board review

Virginia Boys Kitchens provided product for review & giveaway

Virginia Boys Kitchen Cutting Board Review

All my cutting boards in my kitchen are either walnut or bamboo. Why bamboo? It’s cheap and a renewable resource. Why walnut? So many reasons! I love the look of dark, rich walnut. wood. Plus, walnut is a hard wood with dense pores/tight grain – which makes it difficult for bacteria to grow and is more water resistant than woods like pine or oak. We have several custom made walnut cutting boards that, with proper care, will last a lifetime.

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Virginia Boys Kitchen sent over their Large Walnut Cutting Board, 10.5″ Walnut Cheese Board and Wood Finishing Wax for us to try. The boards arrived “naked” – meaning “unwaxed.” We used the Wood Finishing Wax to massage in the all-natural, food safe finisher and protectant.

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You can see the before and after. The wax contains coconut oil, beeswax and orange essential oil. No GMOs, no paraffins, non toxic.

All wood cutting boards should receive periodic treatment – either from a wax like this, or from cutting board oil. It rehydrates the wood, seals and protects the board from odor, stains and moisture.

The biggest enemy of cutting boards is…water! If you let the board stay wet, it will warp. Anytime you wash your cutting board, it’s best to immediately dry the board.

The Virginia Boys’ Cutting Boards are beautiful. Both finished nicely after the wax. It took about 5 minutes per board to completely wax. While the instructions say to use a soft cloth to apply the wax, I just have always used my hands and massaged the wax into the wood. I usually do this to all my cutting boards once a month.


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The boards arrived via, so those with Amazon Prime will get them in 2 days. The quality is great – the boards are straight, no wobbling. As I mentioned, the walnut boards arrived unfinished, so you’ll have to make sure to get the wax or other wood finishing product to treat the boards before first use.

The price is EXCELLENT. The boards are made in USA and are priced more than 1/2 less than what you’d pay for at Williams Sonoma or other retailers. All it takes it just a few minutes to wax the board yourself.

We served homemade potstickers on ours 🙂

how to make potsticker dumpling wrappers-5384

About Virginia Boys Kitchen’s Cutting Boards

  • Made in USA from #1 Classification Black Walnut Wood
  • Lumber is Kiln Dried to Prevent Warping then Carefully Smoothed to Prevent Splintering
  • Comes Unseasoned and Ready to Season Exactly As You Like It
  • Juice Groove Expertly Carved Around Edge of the Board
  • Natural Anti-Septic Properties of Wood Board Prevents Spread of Food-Borne Bacteria

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Virginia Boys Kitchen Cutting Board Giveaway


Giving away: Large Walnut Cutting Board, 10.5″ Walnut Cheese Board and Wood Finishing Wax


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