Pizzacraft Baking Steel Review & Giveaway

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Pizzacraft Baking Steel Review

We LOVE homemade pizza and bread! Previously, we reviewed the Pizzacraft Stovetop Pizza Oven, and today, we’re writing about their baking steel.

What’s better – baking steel or baking stone?

I own baking stones in different shapes and sizes – for baking pizzas and breads. We’ve found the baking steel far superior to the stones for these reasons:

  • Stones are hard to take care of – they shatter and crack easily. They are difficult to scrub food bits off and keep clean.
  • Steel heats up faster and is a better at transferring energy and conducting heat.
  • Steel is thinner (1/4″ thick), easier to store and no worries of cracking.

Pizzacraft sells 3 sizes of baking steels: 14″ round, 14″ square and 22″ rectangular. For the most versatility in use, I highly recommend the 22″ rectangular steel – it allows you to bake pizzas as well as many loaves of bread at the same time.

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This past weekend, we used the 14″ square Pizzacraft Baking Steel to bake loaves of french bread.

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Previously, without the steel, I was having trouble getting the loaves to brown enough to get the super-thin, shattering, crackling-crisp exterior. My breads always looked fine, rose nicely, but I could never get it to brown top and bottom, without overcooking the bread.

With the Pizzacraft Baking Steel, look what I got:

pizza craft baking steel review-1480

Perfect baguettes. Tops and bottoms were equally toasty brown.

If you’re more of a pizza person, I highly recommend the stone-steel method – use a baking stone on the upper rack, and bake your pizza on the steel that sits on a lower rack. The stone radiates heat and cooks the top of the pizza very quickly – so that you end up with the crust and top perfectly cooked at the same time.

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Pizzacraft sells their 14″ square and 14″ round baking steel for $39.99, though its for sale on Amazon for only $29.99. This is the best price we could find for a good quality steel, and especially since Pizzacraft is owned by The Companion Group, the makers of the Charcoal Companion range of products.

Their 22″ rectangular steel sells for $43.99 – if you have the extra money, this size gives you the most versatility.

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Pizzacraft Baking Steel Giveaway

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