HexClad Fry Pan Review & Giveaway

This is a HexClad Fry Pan Review, with both PROs and CONs after testing for 2 weeks.

HexClad 12″ Fry Pan Review

HexClad is a new company with a line of hybrid cookware, combining high-quality stainless steel with PFOA-free non-stick. For the first time, you can use metal utensils on a non-stick pan.

You can even scrub the pan with steel wool, which I did last night to test its durability (it passed!)

I recently reviewed Black Cube wok, with a very similar, if not the same material. The wok quickly became my new favorite – I could heat the pan on very high heat, use a metal spatula and not worry about sticking.

Black Cube Wok on left, HexClad frying pan on the right. 

The HexClad fry pan performs exactly the same, but has a more durable outer layer.

PRO: The difference is important – the hexagon stainless layer on the outside of the pan helps keep the pan clean and shiny, and provides an extra layer of protection against scratches. Grease easily wipes off.

HexClad Material

The beautiful hexagon pattern is applied via laser, on top of the pan’s triple-layer construction of stainless, aluminum and stainless. The stainless steel provides durability and mirror-like surface, and the aluminum provides superior conductivity.

In between the lasered-dots of stainless is a non-stick service that makes cooking and cleanup easy.

PRO: The pan is dishwasher-safe, oven safe to 500F and can work on a variety of cooking surfaces:

  • gas
  • electric
  • induction
  • ceramic
  • halogen

Cleans like a dream!

PRO: I purposely made fried rice with egg white only with no oil. Sure, the egg white stuck to the pan (whites will stick to any pan without oil or fat), but I scrubbed half of the HexClad frying pan with a steel-wool pad and there were zero scratches, zero damage to the pan. We left the other half of pan dirty and threw the pan in the dishwasher. It came out clean and like new, on the inside and outside.

HexClad Handle

PRO: The stay-cool handle is strong, but lightweight. No need for pot holders or oven mitts to handle the pan during cooking.

CON: Big, clunky rivets attach the handle to the pan. It’s very difficult to clean grease and bits of food in this area.


PRO: Even though the frying pan we are testing is 12″ in diameter, I can hold, lift and move the pan with just one hand. I have other sets of cookware that require 2 hands to lift, especially when full of food. Generally, with large, 12″ frying pans, I prefer to have a helper handle for that purpose. But with the HexClad, no helper handle was needed.

Other Thoughts

Hexclad sells the 12″ Fry Pan for $129.95. It’s a great price, however, the lid is separate. You need a lid! The 12″ lid is $34.99. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Their website is so sparse. There’s very little information, zero reviews, no details on the company itself, and the contact page is only a web form. While I highly recommend the pan, I would wait until the HexClad is sold by other retailers, or even Amazon, prior to purchasing. (I’ll update this if I get more info from the company).

HexClad 12″ Fry Pan Giveaway



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