Fogo de Chao Review & $100 Gift Certificate

Big thanks to Fogo de Chão Las Vegas for treating us. We are giving away $100 gift certificate to any one of the 51 Fogo de Chão restaurants.

Fogo de Chao las vegas review

Since moving to Las Vegas, we’ve been exploring all the culinary treats the city has to offer. It seems like every block in Vegas is a “culinary destination,” with restaurants from every celebrity chef you can think of: Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, Giada, Gordon Ramsay Burger, Mesa Grill by Bobby Flay….and the list goes on and on. With the exception of a one or two of these famous restaurants, we’ve found that our (very expensive) experience does not match the hype.

That’s why, when we eat out with our family, our destination is always the tried and true places that might not get as much attention in the press as Bobby Flay. For us, the experience of dining is just as important as the food, especially with my Mom, Dad, brother and Scott. Fogo de Chão is the master of creating an unforgettable Brazilian feast. We dined at the Las Vegas (Flamingo) location on Easter night.

Fogo de Chão Las Vegas Review

My photographs from that night were mostly blurry and off-color….the restaurant is dark, and I was too hungry to fiddle with my camera on my phone. Instead, I asked Fogo de Chão to provide me with professional photos to use in this review.

Fogo de Chao las vegas review

One of the most popular dining concepts in Las Vegas is the Brazilian Churrascaria, or steakhouse, where meat carvers roam from table to table, and present a hot skewers of fire-roasted meats to slice on demand.

With over 51 locations worldwide, Fogo de Chão is one of the most successful Brazilian steakhouse chains, featuring all-you-can eat Market Table and meats. Specialty drinks and seasonal appetizer specials are available.

First, the Fogo de Chão specialty drinks

Fogo de Chao las vegas review - new drinks

New to the menu this season are (left to right)

  • Guava do Sol – guava fruit with Belvedere Vodka, lime, honey and a little Prosecco. This was bright, crisp and a little bubbly, a wonderful tropical treat to start your meal.
  • Smoke & Honey – this was my husband’s favorite, featuring Monkey Shoulder Whisky, ginger syrup and Glenmorangie Scotch. The smokiness of this cocktail pairs perfectly with the fire-roasted meats.
  • Andean Punch – This non-alcoholic drink is made with fresh strawberries, guava, mint, and sparkling soda.

Next up, Fogo de Chão Market Table

Fogo de Chao las vegas review - salad

You really have to be careful here and not fill up with the Market Table. Even though I gently warned my Mom, Dad and brother about going light, they couldn’t resist the cheese platter and the new Ancient Grain Salad with quinoa, Kasha, wild rice, apples, oranges and pomegranate seeds.

Fogo de Chao las vegas review - salad

While I normally skip the Market Table at Fogo de Chão, I did keep a small plate of the salad at my side throughout the meal. A bite of the bright, fresh fruit in the salad was a welcome break in between the feast of roasted meats all night.

Main Event: Fire Roasted Skewers

Fogo de Chao las vegas review - picanha

This is Brazil’s most famous cut of meat, the Picanha. It’s difficult to find at your supermarket. In fact, I have *yet* found a regular supermarket sells Picanha! I have to seek out a specialty butcher and pre-order a slab of this precious meat. It is the sirloin cap, with a thin layer of fat that caramelizes to provide extreme flavor and juiciness.

The meat is skewered in the shape of a “C” so that every slice contains a little of that precious fat. Don’t be scared of the fat…this meal is a great feast and it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while!

Fogo de Chao las vegas review - picanha

Gauchos roam the restaurants with their giant skewers, and will stop at each person at the table to custom carve a slice of meat just for you. A little green/red coaster sits right in front of you – signifying whether or not you are ready for more food!

Fogo isn’t all meat!

Fogo de Chao las vegas review - seafood

This is my sister. Just kidding, she’s my Mom! We made room in the middle of our table for a giant seafood tower filled with succulent mussels, gigantic shrimp, cracked crab claws and split lobster tail. This was Mom’s favorite part of the meal. She’s a seafood lover through and through. We dipped the seafood into melted butter and spooned on a bit of chimichurri sauce for a nice kick.

Our Family Experience at Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chao las vegas review - staff

Our Fogo de Chão hosts, Dennis, Caroline and Kappa provided us with seamless, impeccable service. There was always someone nearby to check up on us, refill waters, bring us more cheese bread for my Mom (she loved those!) and swap for clean plates.

The restaurant was busy and buzzing that evening. Hot skewers of meats came off the fire-grill and were immediately ushered out to the tables.

On our drive home, my entire family agreed that this evening was one of the BEST family dining experiences we’ve EVER had. The Market Table was constantly re-stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables (nothing sat around too long), we were offered an endless selection of perfectly cooked grilled meats and the service was spot-on. I highly recommend Fogo de Chão for special occasions,  or a fun date. This is the ultimate in experiential dining.

Fogo de Chão $100 Gift Certificate

We’re giving away $100 gift card that you can use at any Fogo de Chão restaurant.



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