Friday Favorites

Hey guys! This week’s Friday Favorites is from Rachael of La Fuji Mama, Steamy Kitchen’s newest intern. Check out that bacon pinata!!! -xoxo Jaden


Best Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze


I’ve never been a fan of scones until I met Kathy, the owner of a cooking school that I used to teach at. One afternoon, I walked in with my arms full of ingredients to prepare for a cooking class that I was teaching later that evening. Just as I was putting ingredients in the refrigerator, Kathy handed me a …


Caprese Salad with Basil Vinaigrette

When tomato and fresh basil is THIS good, I hate to do anything other than enjoy it fresh in a salad. My Basil Vinaigrette is simple to make, takes 5 minutes in a blender. You’ll love it. I promise. First, the Basil Vinaigrette ingredients: fresh basil leaves, shallots (substitute with onion or garlic), sea salt, a couple slices of fresh …


Best Birthday Cakes Ever

David Lebovitz, Deb Perelman and I shot this GoodBite.com video about Birthday Cakes to Die For last month, and I think I’m going change the title to Birthday Cakes to Live For because that’s the point of a birthday, isn’t it?! And it just so happens that my birthday is tomorrow, and if I could have just one silly birthday …


Chanterelle, Bacon and Plum Salad with Blue Cheese


It’s week 2 of the Summer Fest! Last week we played around with herbs and this week it’s time for fruit from trees. If you haven’t yet heard about Summer Fest, it’s a four-week celebration of fresh-from-the-garden food: recipes, growing tips, even tricks for storing and preserving summer’s best with my co-hosts White on Rice, Away to Garden and Matt …


Coccante Signore: The Crispy Mister

What’s my position on meat? I love it. I crave meat and I probably eat too much of it. that, and chocolate. and coffee oh yes, wine too. To be healthier, I could give up some of the above. But I can’t. You’d have to pry that grilled steak from my hungry, greedy hands. There are too many reasons to …


Peanut Pesto and Peas Pasta Salad


In the Tampa, Florida, Summer began sometime like in March. No kidding. The season RIGHT NOW is called too “*!%!$@*$ HOT.” The moment you step outside into 99.9% humidity coupled with 98F temps, you wonder why you even bothered to dry yourself after a shower. But never mind, because while Summer Fest is almost unbearable in my backyard, it’s in …


Potato Dominoes

Potato Dominoes Recipe

Andrew just celebrated his sixth birthday last week, and like many little boys, he’s obsessed with Star Wars. We’re currently at the height of the Lego craze and for Andrew’s birthday all he wanted was go to the Lego store inside Downtown Disney, you know, the free part of Disney where everything is double the price, which makes it not-so-free …


Cedar Planked Mussels

If I had to choose one person to come over to my home and cook for me right now, it would be Ted Reader.He’s a madman. And he even looks like one with hair tricked up in directions only possible by riding a rollercoaster with a can of AquaNet and a blow dryer. But the things he can do with …