Apple and Sage Pork Chops

Delicious and quick Apple and Sage Pork Chops recipe at SK on Discovery Health


  1. omo, this looks so delicious 🙂

  2. Pity that you gave a link rather than the actual recipe. The recipe that the link points to is gone. You may as well just remove this post too. This was a big disappointment.

    • Me too couldn’t get the recipe but had pretty much made it up in my mind already before I found it.  I make a great apple dressing that will be perfect with it 

  3. Love this recipe, especially the spiced flour – we eat pork chops quite frequently in our family as they are cheaper than most other steaks. I will be trying it out this week for sure.

  4. My boyfriend loves pork and this recipe caught my eye as I know it will be something he will love. Bookmarking this for next time I want to surprise him with a special dinner. Thanks 🙂

  5. Mmm…looks delicious & so kid-friendly.

  6. I made this last night with some fresh herbs and a ham steak, along with some baked sweet potatoes and Southern Tier’s Pumking brew – fall has arrived!

  7. Those look fabulous. We have been all about the sage lately because we got a big bunch at the farmers’ market. Thanks for the great fall recipe.

  8. LOL well I have no idea how I do all I do! 😉 lots of coffee?

  9. I’ve seen those packs and wondering how they turned out. McCormicks has some creative packaging.

  10. Apple and sage are such wonderful flavors together. Not to mention that great picture you have there, how do you do what you do?

  11. This sounds *really* good! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t seen the McCormick Recipe Inspirations. I will look for them next time I’m at the store.

    I, too, have mis-matched skillet and lid. I don’t feel so bad now knowing that if Steamy Kitchen’s Jaden Hair (sorry for the misspelled name on Discovery Health post) can have a mis-matched set I can too. 😉


  12. Jaden, Looking at that beautiful pork chop made me think of Carrie Oliver. and doing another artsian beef of Berkshire pork dinner? Let us know if you have time or interest?

    Kudos for all you’ve been accomplishing!! I wish I had your energy- Laura



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