Giveaway: Chilean Olive Oil

Chilean Olive Oil Giveaway


Las Doscientas Combo Pack of Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Try the two single varietals and taste the difference.

Fruity and smooth Arbequina and intense and peppery Picual.

Both are estate grown and uniquely single varietal (made 100% from one type of olive). Hand-picked, they are pressed literally within minutes of the harvest, to ensure maximum freshness.

Many people know Chile for its fine wines, but don’t yet associate this country with beautiful olive oils. That’s about to change!


Las Doscientas – Arbequina

Arbequina – Fresh, fruity and smooth

Type of Olive Oil: Extra Virgin made with 100% Arbequina olives, a Spanish olive varietal
Maximum acidity of 0.3%
Tasting Notes: This oil has pleasant, fresh and fruity aromas with notes of almond and green tomato. The flavor features green fruits with medium intensity and light notes of pepper. It is very smooth and buttery with a nutty flavor and a pleasing sensation on the finish.
How to Use: Perfect for salads, vegetables, poultry and fish

Las Doscientas – Picual

Picual – Fresh, intense and peppery

Type of Olive Oil: Extra Virgin made with 100% Picual olives, a Spanish olive varietal
Maximum acidity is 0.3%
Tasting Notes: This oil has a fresh, intense aroma characteristic of the olive variety with notes of fresh herbs, fresh-cut grass, red bell pepper and fresh artichoke. The flavor is moderately fruity and very peppery, making this a very pleasing oil with good character and tremendous freshness.
How to Use: Best used for roasted meats, fried potatoes and stews

Size: 500ml each

Normally, $17.99, you can buy the combo pack for $32.99 at Foster Fine Foods. The oils are also available on Amazon and La Tienda and in gourmet stores across the country. For a list of where to purchase, go to Foster Fine Foods.

Giveaway sponsored by Fosters Fine Foods.Winner will get one bottle of each olive oil.


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