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Korin GlassesJapanese Knives and Tableware that Compliment Every Culture’s Cuisine

We at KORIN are proud of our Japanese culture and traditions, but we want you to know that our products are not just for Japanese restaurants. Our knives and tableware bring out the best qualities of food from every culture and fit into every restaurant – from French to Pan-Asian to American, and that is why we are located in New York City – where people from every country in the world come to eat!

KORIN’S unique store in lower Manhattan is home to perhaps the most extensive collection of Japanese chef knives in the world – including Japan – plus the rarest natural sharpening stones and exquisitely designed tableware. We also host special events, such as knife sharpening demonstrations and parties with New York’s most famous chefs and restaurateurs.

KORIN is dedicated to this ideal: bringing the implicit and elegance of Japanese culture to your table – be it in your home or in the finest restaurant.

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