Giveaway: Ravi Instant Wine Refresher and Wine Iceberg

ravi logo ravi has many innovative products and is constantly developing new products to perfect the tasting experience and please real wine lovers.

About the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, the ravi Instant Wine Refresher is the fastest wine chiller on the market today. Rather than cooling the entire bottle, the detachable valve chills the wine as it is poured reducing the temperature of the wine by 10-20 degrees instantaneously. Since not everyone drinks wine at the same temperature, the ravi also gives you the ability to slow the wine at your own speed allowing for a cooler red wine or a chilled white wine. Perfect for that last minute wine you pick up from the store on the way to your hotel room.

About the Ravi Wine Iceberg

Iceberg blanc_fondBlanc (3)

Also new for the season is ravi’s Wine Iceberg which keeps your favorite bottle of wine just as cold as if it were sitting in a bucket full of ice without the mess! It is compact in size allowing for a convenient fit into any cabinet or on any table. No longer will you have to worry about positioning the bottle to the perfect angle for the perfect chill in an over sized bucket full of ice just to become frustrated when you take it out for serving and struggle to reposition it back to the exact same spot. The removable freezer chilled gel sleeve gives the same results as actual ice cubes! Perfect for any vacation on the go as you will not have to buy or find ice. You will no longer have to worry about the constant clean-up of melting ice streaking your surfaces.

Video Demo of Ravi Instant Wine Refresher

This Giveaway Includes:

  • 1 ravi Instant Wine Refresher
  • 1 ravi Wine Iceberg

(approximate value $60)

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