Giveaway: Set of 18 Handy Cocktail Plates from Holdaplate

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About Holdaplate

While pursuing his MBA, John Zox, formerly a professional musician, began taking design courses to nurture the right side of his brain.  Hidden in plain sight at those famed biz school cocktail parties was an unsolved design challenge: how to hold both a plate and glass in two hands while also attempting to meet, greet, and eat. The eureka moment was realizing that the heavy center of gravity, the alcohol and glass, had to remain in-hand; current market solutions, all of which involve hanging or balancing glassware off a plate’s edge, were both precarious and inelegant. The Holdaplate™ was thus born, and with the skill of architect and product design partner Ding Liu, brought to life for cocktail partygoers everywhere to enjoy. The 6-inch plate, offered in materials ranging from plastic to paper to porcelain to bamboo, and generally dishwasher and microwave safe, is available online at, or wholesale via special order from the company’s Philadelphia headquarters.

Holdaplate – The Cocktail Plate Evolution

“The Holdaplate™ is literally the most innovative plateware product I’ve seen in years. It’s that good!” touts International Housewares Association consultant Joanne Stone-Geier.  We’ve all been there: that awkward balancing act performed exclusively during a cocktail party, when we must hold a plate of food and a glass—one in each hand—while attempting to shake someone’s hand or eat. The 2013 A’ Design Bronze® and Good Design® Award-winning and patented Holdaplate finally solves this problem – without hanging or balancing your cup off the side.

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Product Testimonials

A subtle, almost whimsical contour, or LipGrip™, in the plate’s periphery allows for a cup of any size to easily nestle alongside, held in place by the user’s index finger and supported effortlessly by the remaining fingers below.   And unlike party platter solutions on the market, the Holdaplate™ is elegant enough for even the most formal of gatherings (beautiful and simple in form), is easy-to-use (glassware stays in the user’s hand), and is versatile (works with any size cup or wineglass).  Eat. Greet. Finally!

Included in this giveaway

6-inch; Dishwasher Safe; Stackable; BPA-Free; Available in Melamine, lightweight plastic, porcelain, and compostable paper at

  • 1 Set (6 Plates) of Lightweight Plastic Dishwasher-Safe Holdaplates (White), MSRP: $12
  • 1 Set (6 Plates) of Lightweight Plastic Dishwasher-Safe Holdaplates (Black), MSRP: $12
  • 1 Set (6 Plates) of Upscale Melamine Dishwasher-Safe Holdaplates (White), MSRP: $25

(Approximate Retail Value Total: $50)

How to enter this giveaway

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