Giveaway: TIM3 MACHIN3 Rice Cooker


It’s not often that a rice cooker catches my attention.

That’s because in the 8 years of Steamy Kitchen, I’ve been sent well over a dozen different types of rice cookers to test! The current model that I’m using right now is what I call my ‘mac-daddy’ rice cooker, a $260 Zojirushi monster.

Why would you need a $260 rice cooker?

You don’t.

That’s why I love this Time Machine Rice Cooker (ok, ok, fine….it’s a TIM3 MACHIN3) from 3 Square. For $70, $55 you get similar features (plus more) from this appliance.

Not only does it cook perfect rice with Fuzzy Logic (computerized rice cooker to cook perfect rice each time), but the TIM3 MACHIN3 also has setting for cooking other grains, like quinoa….and also making yogurt!

We’ve used it so far to cook perfect rice super-fast (quick setting allows it to cook 40% faster than other brands) – and soon, I’ll be testing out the yogurt feature.

Oh, I’ll be trying my hand at making Japanese natto using the yogurt setting too.



TIM3 MACHIN3™, Stainless Steel, 20 CUP / 4 quart

Rice Cooker • Food Steamer • Slow Cooker • Yogurt Maker

  • Faster: Cooks rice up to 40% faster!
  • Smarter: Fuzzy Logic 2.0™ monitors temperature above and below the cooking pot and makes adjustments automatically.
  • Does more: also includes specialized functions for steam, slow cook, quinoa, yogurt and oatmeal.
  • Built for quality: extra thick cooking pot, more powerful heating element, paddl3™ silicone utensil.

Enter the Tim3 Machin3 giveaway:

Sponsored by 3Squares.



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