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Are you sushi lovers like me and my friends? While I usually use a traditional sushi mat made of bamboo (and covered with plastic wrap so that the rice doesn’t stick to the bamboo), SushiQuik has created a product that makes it nearly foolproof to make sushi at home.

When I teach students how to make sushi (here’s my online sushi class with $20 off discount), the part they have the most difficulty with is rolling tight, even rolls.

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With SushiQuik’s fun to use mold and frame, the rice stays put, the rolls stay together and look beautiful. Even my kids were able to make sushi rolls that look professional!

Watch the video below to learn more about SushiQuik:

sushiquik logoAre YOU ready to have fun making sushi at home! Introducing the World’s #1 Sushi Kit! SushiQuik!   Our kit comes complete with: -A Training Frame to help you properly measure the rice. -A non-stick paddle to help you spread the rice.

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