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Remee Sleepmask

Have you ever wanted to fly? Teleport to Mars?

To us, this is kind of a shame, sort of like being unaware of the existence of books or music. Lucid Dreaming can be one of the most profound things you can experience in this life – but explaining it to someone who has never done it can be a bit difficult. It is so visceral and hard to put into words that it can rarely be related in a meaningful way to a non-lucid dreamer. Conversely, when a lucid dreamer meets another lucid dreamer comin’ through the rye, general excitement and lots of note-comparing ensues. It almost feels like a secret club. We want you to be in that club, too.

Remee is a sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your Lucid Dreams.
Using low profile electronics hidden in a comfortable sleep mask, Remee supplies customizable light patterns that your dreaming mind can recognize, allowing you to take control. Whether you’ve only just discovered lucid dreaming or you’re a veteran trying to get lucid more often, Remee can help!

Remee’s six LEDs serve as your touchstone to the waking world
Using an online tool, you can personalize your dream signal to create a combination of pattern, timing, and brightness that is unique to your sleep style.

As light and comfortable as a normal sleep mask, but with so much more inside
Remee’s flexible circuit is protected by a 2-ply foam shell: a durable inner layer laminated with a cushioning soft foam outer layer. This insert sits inside a sleek sleep mask constructed of breathable fabric with a soft knit rear material for maximum comfort.

See their old Kickstarter (they raised over $500K!) and video below to learn more:

Enter the Remee giveaway:

I backed Remee on Kickstarter, received 2 units, so I’m giving one away here! Sponsored by Steamy Kitchen.


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