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We used to purchase paper plates and disposable plastic dinnerware to use when we entertain. Like many people, we sometimes make environmentally irresponsible choices in favor of convenience. Last year, we decided to either use our normal everyday plates or bambooware for a disposable, yet eco-friendly option.

Last year, we purchased some disposable bamboo bowls and plates at a local discount store for a party. Boy, was that a mistake. The bamboo products were so thin and flimsy that it was difficult to hold the food. Hot soup warped the bamboo bowls and we had to double-up on the bowls just to keep its shape. The small plates were fine for cold appetizers and cake, but any cooked food items served hot or with oil/fat seeped through the cheap, thin bamboo plates. After that purchase, we designated the bamboo ware just for cake and desserts.


We recently tried bamboo plates, bowls and utensils from There was a big difference between the quality of their products vs. what I had previously purchased. The bamboo plates and bowls were twice the thickness, and could withstand any type of hot foods we placed on it. In fact, we were able to wash, dry and reuse all the items 2 additional times.

Tip: To reuse the products, wash with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry immediately. They will last longer if you dry with a towel instead of air-drying, which sometimes can misshapen the bamboo plates and bowls. sells to restaurants, caterers, chefs and regular people, like you an me. They are an Inc. 500 company and provides products to many of the top chefs and restaurants in the U.S. Why buy from They extend the same discount, wholesale pricing to consumers.

Sous Vide Pork Belly Tacos Recipe

For special occasions, and to serve with a little style, these cones were really fun to use. We served our Pork Belly Tacos (click for the recipe!) in these bamboo cones. we loved the sturdy, double-thick bamboo plates and the small bamboo picks and forks.

Sweet chili sauce in these small bamboo boats with mini bamboo spoon.

The utensils were very sturdy (definitely reusable) bamboo cutlery set and the small plates are found here.

A note on the bamboo plates, bowls and boats – they are made from bamboo LEAVES, not the bamboo stalk itself. The bamboo tree has many leaves, which are harvested to make these products. Without harming the bamboo tree itself, the leaves are dried, pressed and provide a very sustainable product for you to use.

Here are a few more products that I like, especially for parties:

Carved Bamboo Spoon


This 4 inch Carved Bamboo Spoon is manufactured from eco-friendly bamboo Delight your party guests by using these spoons when you serve mini desserts, little appetizers and other small sized treats.

Crescent Bamboo Cone Stand

The Crescent Bamboo Cone Stand is made from high-grade bamboo. Use these with medium and large size cones, including pinewood, bamboo and plastic cones.

We love the bamboo boats made from bamboo leaves! These are great for snacks, cold appetizers and small food items. Lots of different sizes.’s Story is the leading manufacturer and online distributor of discount, wholesale restaurant supplies. They’re streamlining every day to satisfy customers through perfecting their position as bulk order experts, same day shipping all-stars, and world-wide leader in  bamboo dinnerware supplies.

With 10 years of strong performance in the restaurant industry, experience drives everything we do at RestaurantWare. Past successes and direct industry feedback informs cutting edge product design with an environmental focus. And accessibility to these great items has never been easier or faster.

The evolution of our innovative website has changed how top chefs, caterers, and major restaurants order and receive tableware in bulk.  Shopping consultants are embedded in the website to guide customers through the purchasing process. Once the order is placed, we ship same day and our commitment to quality doesn’t stop until the package reaches your business or restaurant.

As a brand synonymous with reliability, we’re proud that is consistently relied on for major events, luxury hotels and restaurants, and private parties nationally and abroad.

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