Crisp™ Tools Review & Giveaway


Crisp™ provided the products for the giveaway.

Crisp makes kitchen tools that are colorful, beautifully designed and function well. Their products are designed to make fruit and vegetable prep simple, with a big, bold pop of color.

Crisp-Garlic-Press-1Chopping garlic is a chore that I leave to my garlic press. I prefer a tool over mincing with a knife, because I want to break down the garlic as much as possible, to release all of its flavor and juice. Smaller garlic means more garlic flavor spread evenly throughout the dish.

The Crisp Garlic Press works differently than a traditional garlic press. The tool allows you to rock back and forth, pressing the garlic between the cutting board and the tool’s mincing holes.

What I like about this design feature is that my fingers stay off the garlic. No more digging into the garlic press to pick out the skin. The snap on cleaning tool makes cleaning the holes easy, but I found it unnecessary – a quick scrub with my sponge cleaned the small holes easily.

  • One handed rocking motion provides great leverage to press or crush cloves quickly and easily
  • Integrated crusher
  • Soft handle for sure comfortable grip
  • The oval slide pushes garlic up and out of the blade opening for easy removal. The slide comes off simply for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 5.02 in. X 3.48 in. X 1.19 in.

Crisp Dual Juicer 1

The Crisp™ DUAL JUICER is great for oranges, limes and lemons. I like the measurement marks on the cup – it’s convenient and I know exactly how much juice I’ve made.

It has a sturdy, nonstick base, and is wide enough so that I can press down to juice the citrus without having the unit tip over.

There are 2 spouts, one for more pulp and one for less pulp, if that’s important for you. I always go for all pulp, so I don’t bother with the pour spouts.

  • Reversible juicing heads makes this your all in one tool
  • Unique dual pouring spouts for both fine and coarse for more or less pulp
  • Measurements on frosted body lets you easily determine the exact amount you need
  • Features a non-skid base for one handed use
  • Dishwasher safe


About Crisp

Crisp LogoCrisp™ is a bold, new collection of fruit and vegetable cooking tools that transforms tedious kitchen prep to a world of delicious possibilities.  We believe healthy eating should be exciting, and there’s no end to what you’ll create with Crisp™ tools. Salads are stunning, pies are perfect, even peeling and slicing potatoes becomes an art form, instead of a chore.

Crisp™ kitchen tools help you easily prepare fruits and vegetables for healthy and delicious eating year round. Developed by award-winning housewares designers, these tools fit your hand so well, it’s like they were designed expressly for you. Gracefully contoured handles, angled blades, and above-and-beyond features give you the confidence and inspiration to take your cooking further and make every day food prep more fun and more fulfilling.

The new innovative collection of over 27 Crisp™ kitchen tools has been uniquely engineered to save time, ensure great results, and provide an enjoyable food prepping experience. All about solving everyday problems, Crisp™ tools blend clean looks and superior function, refined by a panel of exceptional cooks. Each item in the collection is dishwasher safe and priced affordably. Crisp™ transforms the mundane kitchen experience into a craft filled with culinary adventures and more satisfying possibilities. It’s time to Create With Crisp™.

Enter the Crisp™ tools giveaway:

Giving away (1) Garlic Press and (1) Dual Juicer


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