Aervana Review & Giveaway


Aervana is one of the most innovative wine products I’ve seen – combining the functionality of an aerator and a no-drip pour.

We tried so many different wine aerators – from the classic wide, curvy body of a decanter to a strange magnetic powered aerator machine that swirled your wine.

We like the Aervana. Sure, it’s another battery-operated wine gizmo, but its innovative design allows for sediment to stay where it belongs – at the bottom of the wine bottle.

The unit pumps up the wine, adds in the air before allowing the wine to pour out into your glass.

I like that I don’t have to pour an entire bottle of wine into a decanter (along with the gritty sediment), and that I’m only aerating exactly the amount of wine that I’m drinking. No more wasting wine in the decanter, or trying to pour unfinished wine back into the bottle without spilling.

We also used to have an aerator that you had to hold in your hand, balancing it over your wine glass. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed the pour, and spilled red wine all over. Plus, where do you put the drippy, messy aerator after you’re done with a glass?

aervana reviewThe Aervana is no mess, effective, easy to use and keeps the sediment from mixing in with my wine. We also love that there’s no pouring involved, no balancing and no dripping. A clean, steady stream of properly aerated wine.

A set of batteries will last you 250 bottles of wine. It’s expensive, at $99. But if it means enjoying a better glass of wine over and over again, it’s worth it.

Aervana won the Red Dot Award for innovative product design and has also been awarded as a finalist for the Innovation Award at the International Home + Housewares Show.

Buy the Aervana for $99