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Do you know where your honey comes from? In 1880, Delaun Mills Cox began a side business selling honey with a few colonies of bees at his farm in Utah. 135 years later, grandsons Brian, Brent, Kendall, and Clay continue the Cox Honey tradition with the best, raw, unfiltered, pure honey on the market.


We recently participated in their “Adopt a Beehive” program, and received: worlds best honey-5124

Personalized Welcome Kit: Certificate of Adoption, GPS Locations, Pictures

  • 12 oz Liquid Squeeze Bear and 20 oz Creamed Honey Container
  • 10% off all online purchase at
  • A 10% Donation will be made to The American Bee Federation
  • 30 Pounds of Honey: 7.5 lbs of Liquid Honey sent in February
  • 7.5 lbs of Creamed Honey sent in May
  • 7.5 lbs of Liquid Honey sent in August
  • 7.5 lbs of Creamed Honey sent in November


We LOVE the creamed honey:

creamed honey

worlds best honey-5122

Its milky, thick, smooth texture makes it perfect for spreading on muffins or toast. We love a spoonful of the creamed honey in our tea.

My Mom loves the regular honey when she makes her homemade granola recipe.

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Cox’s Beehive Adoption program makes a fantastic gift! If you love honey, consider adopting a hive here.

About Cox’s Honey

All Natural Quality and Flavor

By retaining all the qualities and never adding other ingredients, we make our raw honey the best source of quick, natural energy food source. Our bees make our honey from high mountain clover and alfalfa bloom, grown where quality and flavor are supreme. Both our Raw Clover Honey and our nationally renowned and fit for a King or Queen Creamed Honey. Nothing added or taken away, as if mother nature was serving it herself. Let Us BEE Your Honey!

Cox’s Honey comes from the very best high mountain clover, where the honey is perfectly mild, great-tasting, and has supreme flavor. We make every effort to maintain the purity of the honey. The ‘pure’ characteristics are consistent throughout our harvesting process all the way to your kitchen table. Our signature is the quality of the honey we provide to you.

Extraction: During the extraction process, each frame of honey is checked and scrutinized. We are thorough in picking out honey frames that may change the quality of the honey. We are also careful in the process of spinning and moving the honey as to make sure it maintains the consistency and characteristics of pure clover honey.

Heating: The packaging process begins with warming the honey in order to package the honey efficiently and effectively. This warming process does not pasteurize the honey. Cox’s Honey stays well below the threshold of ‘over-heating’ the honey.

Screening: Cox’s Honey does not filter its honey. We run the honey through a set of mesh screens to remove any foreign objects. The screens allow the most important features of honey, pollens, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, to remain within the honey. It is vitally important that honey is not filtered. It removes too much of the ‘healthy’ aspects of honey.

Packaging: Each container is drained and meticulously checked for quality and leaking. Again, the emphasis is on the customer and the benefit of pure clover honey. Cox’s squeeze bottles are easy to use and have a good ergonomical feel.

Blending: Cox’s Honey is not compromised by another kind of honey or blended with off-shore honey. We are particular about the honey we produce and purchase. It must have the same characteristics…color, mild taste, and moisture content…to be called Cox’s Honey. We are proud of our Pure Raw Clover Honey.

Enter the Cox’s Honey Giveaway

Enter to win a 1-year supply of honey – with a Bronze Beehive Adoption Membership. That’s over 10 pounds of honey to enjoy all year long!



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