VitaClay Smart Organic Cooker Review & Giveaway

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VitaClay Organic MultiCooker Review

We’ve been using VitaClay MultiCooker for several years, both in my kitchen and my Mom’s kitchen. In fact, Mom was the one who cut out an article from Fine Cooking Magazine and sent it to me, urging me to review VitaClay!

fine-cooking“The VitaClay Smart Multicooker’s interior liner is made from natural, unglazed Chinese Zisha Clay, which needs very little (if any) oil for cooking and seal in food’s nutrients and natural juice.”

Mom bought a VitaClay for herself, and I received one from the company for review.

The VitaClay is like a traditional slow cooker – but with the added benefit of a powerful computerized interface and healthy, chemical-free, organic clay pot.

This clay is “Natural Zisha clay, the legendary secret behind the VitaClay® Chef, was formed over thousands of years by cleansing rainfalls that scrubbed the mountains in southern China, releasing minerals into lakes and forming huge beds of Zisha, known as the “pride of China.” Zisha™ is the natural organic material that comprises the VitaClay® pot.

Using the clay, the pot is naturally mineral-rich, non-stick without any chemicals. That’s my favorite feature of the VitaClay. The size of the VitaClay is similar to a large rice cooker. It’s perfect for cooking rice, stews, braises. Though, I found the pot too small to make soup for our family (we like using a large slow cooker, big enough to hold lots of meats and vegetables to make broths and Chinese soups.)

I’ve found that the clay pot provides even, consistent cooking, more so than the a rice cooker and the slow cooker ceramic pots. The lid of the VitaClay clamps down, so that the juices stay in the clay pot. My other slow cooker only has a glass lid, and a lot of moisture gets lost through the lid.

You can read more about VitaClay and their products here.

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VitaClay Giveaway

Giving away one VitaClay 6 cup Organic Multi Cooker.


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