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GIR provided product for an honest review & giveaway.

Three years ago, GIR (“Get it Right”) company launched a Kickstarter project touting the world’s best silicone spatulas. Back then, I didn’t understand the need for a redesigned spatula — I mean, I had a drawerful of them and I thought of spatulas a disposable items. Well, precisely.

gir spatulaIt wasn’t until GIR sent along a bouquet of their spatulas (they really did send me one of each color) that I finally understood the beauty of a thoughtfully designed product. Kitchen tools shouldn’t be disposable items. They shouldn’t warp, mold, be full of bacteria or melt.

Since the launch, GIR has created new products for the kitchen, made of the same durable, high-quality silicone. We use their circular lids nearly everyday in the kitchen. The small ones fit on my coffee mug (warming up my tea in the microwave), the largest will fit on top of my big wok (steaming or stir frying)

gir silicone lidsEarlier this Fall, they launched a series of rectangular lids to fit different sized casserole and baking dishes. The lids provide an airtight seal to keep foods fresh in your refrigerator. They are oven and microwave safe. Of course, they’re easy to clean in the dishwasher.

I’ve found using these lids so much easier than rummaging around for the exact lid for the pans/wok. Better than tin foil, which always leak.

My brother recently dropped and shattered his slow cooker lid (oops) – I gave him the largest rectangular lid to use instead. Perfect fit and seal. Plus, the lid doesn’t get hot!

If I had to choose my #1 gift for the holidays – it would be a GIR spatula, lid or spoons. Hey, great stocking stuffer!

Thanks for your support!

GIR Giveaway

Giving away one of each: Mini Flip, Mini Spoon, Scraper, 9×6 Lid, and Perforated Spoon – in the colors of your choice!




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