Joco Cups Review & Giveaway


Joco Cups Review

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa drinker? Joco makes glass reusable coffee cups with silicon lids and thermal sleeve. These lightweight cups are extremely durable, made from non-porous glass and are microwave/dishwasher safe.

Save the trees, forgo the harmful chemicals and switch to reusable glass instead.



joco cups reviewWhy we love Joco:

  • No BPA, lead or cadmium
  • Very sturdy, high quality glass that keeps your drink hot
  • Lids are easy to put on/take off – how many times have you spilled when prying off a plastic lid from a full cup of hot coffee?
  • Everything is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • The lid is designed to minimize splashes and spills
  • FUN! Look at the cool designs from artists

If you’re looking for a great teacher gift or gift exchange item, the Joco cups are perfect, starting at $22.95. I personally prefer the 12oz size ($24.95) as I feel that’s a perfect size for coffee and tea. They come in 15 different colors – choose your favorite.

Joco Cup Giveaway

Joco provided a cup for an honest review & one for a giveaway.



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