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Slateplate Cheese Board

Slateplate Cheeseplate Review

Once a week, I make it easy on myself and dinner is a cheese and charcuterie plate with baguette and good butter (we like to make 10 minute homemade butter!) When we entertain, a cheese plate is also a must – it’s easy, requires practically no time to put together and there’s a cheese for every palate.

Normally, I’ll use a large wooden board or a cake stand for my cheeses, and write the name of the cheese on small picks with flags. Here’s the problem: the picks always fall down, they’re only visible from one side, and they totally get in the way of slicing cheeses. If you’re behind the cheeseplate, you have to reach up and over the darn picks to carve out a piece of cheese!

Slateplate has the answer with their cheeseboards, side plates, square plates, a slate charger, dining plates, L’Amuse Bouche Slates and coasters, all made from real, natural North American black slate.

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You can use the included pure soapstone chalk, which is completely natural and food safe, to write cheese names (on both sides of the plate!) of each selection. Soap and water will clean the slateplate.

Slateplate coasters

I love the contrast of matte black against any type of food. It’s visually striking!

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Not all slate is the same

Slateplate uses real, natural North American black slate — and their slateplates are 100% made in the USA. They only use the highest grade of black slate.

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Also notice the texture. Slateplate’s surface is even, smooth, uniform. This is important you use your slateplate for things other than cheese – candles or small bowls don’t tilt or wobble. You can even use the slateplate to serve glasses of wine – and they won’t tilt over.

Learn more about Slateplate’s quality.

Each plate comes in a beautifully wrapped gift box. Pssst…here are their holiday specials!

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