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If there’s one chore my Mom doesn’t enjoy – it’s cutting onions. She’s got very sensitive eyes and we’ve tried everything from sunglasses, large eyeglasses, and 2 different onion goggles. Nothing works well.

chefn veggichop review 1We got a Chef’n VeggiChop for her to use. I had a chance to give it a try before handing it over to Mom. It does make cutting onions so much easier, without the tears and mess. I’ve also used it to chop nuts for my morning granola. While the chopped pieces aren’t very even (you can see for yourself in the video below), it sure beats a messy cutting board with nuts flying everywhere. I loved chopped hazelnuts, but boy, it sure is hard chopping small, hard round objects with a chef’s knife!

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Cleaning the VeggiChop is easy, it goes into the dishwasher, but as with any object with multiple sharp blades, you just have to be super careful. I’m not a fan of putting the blade in the dishwasher – I’m just a little too scared someone will reach inside and grab something and touch the blade.

I love the VeggiChop has a lid – you can use the base for storage. It’s a great size for 1 onion, making salsa for 4 people or chopped salad for 1. The price is good – less than $20.00 on Amazon.

As for chopping onions, it works well for a large dice. Pull more times, and the dice becomes smaller, but also the liquid from the onion releases, making the onion a little too mushy for stir-fries. But, most of the time, a large dice or rough chop is fine. Mom will never cry while cutting onions again!

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