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Viking Oval Roaster Review

We tested the Viking Oval Covered Roaster last month, with a turkey, a roast and a dish of mac ‘n cheese that would have fed 20 people. When we first opened the box, I didn’t think I would like the Viking Oval Roaster – the set is really heavy, and I’ve never had luck keeping stainless steel clean and shiny.

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I was also concerned with the size, it’s much smaller than my normal rectangular roasting pan. But, after testing, here’s what I learned:

  • The oval shape of the roasting pan actually works so much better than a large rectangular pan. The food that I roast (turkey, chicken, roasts) are oval in shape, so it fit the pan really well.
  • A smaller pan for roasting provides more juices at the end to make gravy/au jus. Pans that are too big (like my rectangular pan), allows for too much evaporation of the drippings and juices.
  • The lid doubles as another pan for making mac & cheese, potatoes au gratin, etc. It’s a pretty deep lid, I think you’ll find lots of uses for it.
  • The stainless steel is non-reactive 18/8 surgical grade stainless steel – it’s heavy-duty and you can scrub away without scratching. Burnt bits came off easily, though the rack was a pain to clean (though any rack other than nonstick is a pain to clean).
  • I like that the rack has handles designed to hang over the lip of the pan – so that you can take your food out easily, without burning your knuckles (or dropping the food, trying to balance those massive roasting lifting forks). I think this is my favorite feature of the Viking Oval Roaster.
  • Use the roasting pan and lid for a dutch oven, bake no-knead bread, or make a big pot of stew.

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As I’m writing this review up, there are a couple of things I didn’t even notice – the roasting pan has internal markings for measurements, in both quarts and liters. The pan is induction friendly, so if you have an induction stovetop, it’s perfect for you.

More thoughts:

  • If you’re roasting a big batch of vegetables to go along with your prime rib, or small turkey, you’re better off with a rectangular roasting pan – more space.
  • Roasting 1 large hen works well, as will 2 smaller chickens, side by side.
  • A fat Thanksgiving turkey might not fit well – I’m not sure of the recommended size for turkey – couldn’t find it online. The interior is 10″ wide x 14 3/4″ long.
  • I wish Viking (and other manufacturers wouldn’t use bumpy rivets – all those nooks and crannies trap grease and are really difficult to clean. Even the Viking logo on the pan & lid are raised – just a pain to scrub and clean. I had use a scouring pad and toothbrush to clean that logo (grease and drippings got into those grooves).

Despite the above, I highly recommend the Viking Oval Roaster, it’s a smart design that allows for double-duty of the lid, and handcrafted in the USA. Amazon has it for $199.00. This product is so versatile, you’ll find many uses for it.


  • Lid converts roaster into a 9 quart Dutch Oven. Lid is 4 quart.
  • 3-Ply construction Perfect for all cooking methods, including induction
  • Non-Reactive 18/8 surgical grade stainless steel interior makes cleaning easy
  • Internal Volume markings in both US and Metric Measurements
  • The dual-level elevated stainless steel wire rack prevents burning and can hang from the sides for easy draining
  • Oven and dishwasher safe


Thank you for your support!

Viking Oval Roaster Giveaway

Viking provided a unit for an honest review and another for a giveaway.


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