World’s Smallest Cell Phone – for Kids!

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tinitell giveaway

A couple of years ago, I backed a project on Kickstarter called Tinitell, the World’s Smallest Cell Phone. The cell phone is a wrist-watch, meant for kids. The Tinitell just arrived two weeks ago — the Kickstarter project actually delivered!

It’s such a neat product, and I love promoting Kickstarter projects that actually deliver (I’ve backed countless products that have never delivered on their promises!)

This product has been featured on so many different outlets:

tinitell giveaway 2

We’re giving away a brand new Tinitell, the very first shipment from the company. You can’t buy this in stories yet, and it’s still on pre-order on their website. We’ve got a charcoal-grey Tinitell phone for you!

Here’s how Tinitell works:

Tinitell Giveaway

Giving away one charcoal grey Tinitell.
*This is a brand new, just launched product. We haven’t tested it yet, it’s brand new, in the box still.


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